Our training program are suitable for everyone

At Absolute Elegance, we believe in increasing knowledge, we understand that continuous learning is the hallmark of leaders.

We are dedicated to providing first class services to our immediate environment and to our numerous clients who are from far and near. Our focus is on ensuring‘A’ class services even as we maintain our difference in the food and informal education sector.

In 2003, we began our training programs as our own way of making contributions to our society. It is our belief that government alone cannot develop a nation, it would have to involve collective effort from companies like ours that understand that to grow the economy, a lot more people would have to be empowered.

Till date, we have trained hundreds of men and women many of whom have gone ahead to start their own bakeries and are flourishing in same.We call them the AE tribe. Our tribe have taken Sugarcraft to unimaginable heights.

Our students are trained in the art of baking and decoration through hands on training classes, one on one time with the instructors and we ensure that they are well equipped to start their own cake making and decoration businesses by the time they leave us.

Our training program are suitable for everyone, no prior experience is required. Our students have ranged from the rooky to the entrepreneur, from chef to the pastry amateur.

Our course content ranges from baking tips to handling pastry bags. Calligraphy on cakes to designing like a pro.

Classes run for four hours on weekdays and would last between four to six weeks depending on the course of study.


Over the years we have observed that the way to ensure a safer and saner society is to empower its people. It has been said that ‘the idle mind is the devils workshop’. Seeing that government alone cannot undertake this task, we are determined to contribute our quota to seeing a better Nigeria and world where its citizens have dignity and pride in their own creations. We are especially burdened at the number of unemployed people who are dependent on the few who are able to find some job or skill.

It is our belief that the more people are empowered, the better society will be and the happier its people.

We appreciate the effort that Lagos state has put in ensuring that it continues to be the best run state in the nation and the foremost in women empowerment.

It is to this end that we offer our services to ensure a better society for us all.


Our trainers include seasoned bakers whose experience span decades both locally and internally

Our training facilities are in the Ikeja area of Lagos Nigeria. We offer state of the art facilities comparable to any in the world.

*Training can also be tailored to individual needs.

  • Summer Camp: Classes held during scheduled school breaks to teach children how to make their favorite treats. These classes will range from making simple biscuits, to scones, cakes and will graduate to basic cake decoration
  • After-School Training: Weekly after-school classes based on a grade scale that earn children certificates upon completion. This module will concentrate on boosting the children’s self-esteem by encouraging them to compete and be certified. Their skills will be enhanced, and their efforts will attract prizes
  • In-School Training: In school visits to teach different class group to make cakes and pastries.

Children’s Parties: A 2 – 3-hour event where children make their favorite treats with their friends and get to eat their amazing creations.

The Beginners’ decoration class:

  • A two to four-week intensive training session that will deal with the art of baking and decoration. Participants will be exposed to the rudiments of baking and will be equipped with all they need to be self-sustained should they choose to pursue it as a career.

The Intermediate Class:

  • Monthly Themed Classes: Monthly classes on different aspects of baking and sugarcraft geared towards seasonal themes.

The Master Class:

  • Accreditation Training: Classes based on a grade scale that earn participants certification on topics covered.
Event or Group Training: A 2 – 3-hour event where participants make their favorite treats with their friends and get to eat their amazing creations.Children’s Parties: A 2 – 3-hour event where children make their favorite treats with their friends and get to eat their amazing creations.
  • The art of dry cooking
  • Theory of baking
  • Baking basics
  • Types of cakes
  • Pastry making
  • Baking biscuits and scones
  • Bread making
  • Baking tips
  • Dessert making and presentation
  • Developing recipes

The Beginners’ decoration class (N85,000:00)

The Intermediate Class (N120,000:00)

The Master Class (N180,000:00)


We are well equipped to handle any occasion, from parties, weddings, to corporate functions.
Our very talented staff will be readily available to discuss what you have in mind.

All our cakes are designed and created at our Oregun office and we are proud to report that we use the highest quality ingredients and we take the pains to source from all over the world.

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